Position Description: Director (Fall 2019/Winter 2020)

Salary: $50-65k Annually depending on experience

Coastal Community Preschool (CCP) is seeking a dedicated Director with significant experience in early childhood education and a proven track record in managing a successful preschool or small nonprofit organization. The Director is the chief operations officer of CCP, a 501(c)(3) organization with approximately 45 children and 10 staff members. The Director will provide leadership in developing and implementing educational, administrative, and financial strategic plans in conjunction with the Board of Directors and staff. The Director is also responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the school. S/He will report to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the school’s adherence to its mission and its educational and financial objectives.

Qualified candidates for this position will possess the following:

  • Experience in school administration, nonprofit management, or related field.
  • Associates degree with a major in child development and four years of teaching experience in a licensed childcare center OR a bachelor’s degree with a major in child development and two years of teaching experience in a licensed childcare center
  • A Child Development Site Supervisor Permit issued by the California State Commission on Teacher Credentialing.
  • Demonstrated leadership and interpersonal skills, including a proven ability to work with diverse groups of people.

 Coastal Community Preschool seeks to provide a safe, accessible, family–centered

environment that nurtures children as individuals, fosters social understanding, and

serves as a vital part of its local community. In this setting, we celebrate the unique

spirit of each child and strive to cultivate Good People who recognize and respect their

own precious worth and that of others.


The Preschool approaches this mission with the following goals:

  • To create a sanctuary for learning that honors and protects each child’s interests and ideas, and encourages development at each child’s own pace;
  • To sustain a talented, experienced and highly skilled faculty by ensuring respectable salary levels and benefits and maintaining a comfortable, stimulating workplace that encourages participation in organizational development;
  • To provide a diverse and inclusive environment in which children learn to appreciate different lifestyles and cultures;
  • To prepare children for school through emotional readiness, and through cultivation of each child’s unique strengths and interests;
  • To encourage a family-centric, team-approach among parents and teachers who share a mutual goal of raising a community of strong, confident, and happy children;
  • To serve as an integral part of the local community by providing a variety of resources in support of strong families, successful parenting and learning readiness.

The scope of the responsibilities of the Director fall into the following five major areas:

  1. Instructional Leadership and Program Development Responsibilities
  • Implement a curriculum consistent with the play-based educational philosophy as described in the Mission Statement.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field of early childhood education.
  • Ensure that all teachers receive training in the curriculum and school philosophy.
  • Meet regularly with head teachers for school-wide planning and coordination across classrooms.
  • Supervise and evaluate teachers by conducting both informal and formal observations on a regular basis throughout the year; Provide both written and verbal feedback to teachers.
  • Collaborate with teachers to set short and long-term professional goals based on observational feedback, and create professional growth plans to help each achieve their goals.
  • Facilitate staff development and education, and assist staff in relating their specialized work and goals to CCP’s overall mission and goals.
  • Prepare a self-assessment of her/his own performance and submit it to the Board of Directors for the purpose of an annual review of the Director.
  1. Management of Organization, Operations, Staff, and Resources
  • Oversee and execute day-to-day management of school operations, including staffing, financial management, and operational oversight.
  • Be responsible for recruitment, employment, retention, and dismissal of all personnel.
  • Communicate CCP activities with Board by attending monthly Board meetings and presenting a Director’s report, including working with administrative staff and the Treasurer to create quarterly financial reports.
  • Prepare an annual budget in consultation with the Board, and manage and operate CCP within budget.
  • Manage CCP’s admissions process each year in alignment with school policies.
  • Implement CCP financial aid policies as approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Manage school’s giving campaign to grow annual fundraising dollars.
  • Oversee the execution of essential financial operations including payroll, tuition processing, and staff benefit administration.
  • Interface with landlord to ensure that facilities at CCP are adequate for maintaining licensing and generally ensure that facilities meet the standards of the CCP staff and Board, and to ensure future tenancy at the site.
  1. Promotion of Positive School Culture Responsibilities
  • Maintain an environment that creates interest in the preschool and fuels strong enrollment and community involvement.
  • Function as primary contact person for parents/guardians on enrollment, child progress, and all other matters pertaining to the preschool.
  • Meet once a month with the entire staff to communicate general information and provide a forum for staff feedback and suggestions for improvement in the school.
  • Meet individually once a month with each full time teacher to provide an opportunity for a free exchange of ideas and private feedback.
  • Address staff grievances and parent concerns in an open, sincere, confidential, and non-prejudicial manner, and resolve complaints or issues to the best of her/his ability. Work with the Board of Directors to develop an appropriate school wide policy to do so.
  • Create an open environment that encourages parent and staff involvement and communication about areas of success and those in which CCP needs to improve.
  1. Parent and Community Relations Responsibilities
  • Ensure timely communication with CCP Parents on school-wide issues such as upcoming days off/early or late releases, school-wide health concerns, staff changes, emergencies, and other similar topics.
  • Encourage timely communication by the teaching teams to the parents on both classroom matters (e.g. bi-weekly summaries and lesson plans) and student- specific matters (e.g. injuries, educational or behavior concerns, etc.); mentor and model this behavior for staff.
  • Be available and accessible to CCP parents during and after school hours
  • Represent the organization effectively in the community by communicating CCP’s activities, programs, and goals to agencies, organizations, and the general public as needed.
  • Conduct CCP Open Houses or site visits for prospective families interested in applying to CCP at appropriate time during the school year.
  1. Integrity, Ethics, and Compliance
  • Ensure CCP meets all licensing requirements by:

1) Maintaining student and staff records;

2) Completing and submitting licensing forms in a timely manner;

3) Ensuring classrooms are operating in compliance with licensing requirements; and

4) Fulfilling all other such requirements.

  • Ensure classroom staffing requirements are met, and when needed, step into the classroom to maintain appropriate teacher to student ratios.

What We Offer:

  • Competitive Health, Welfare & Lifestyle Benefits -100 % employer paid for employee!
  • Generous vacation time and holidays
  • Ongoing professional development for all staff
  • A chance to make a difference in the lives of kids and their families