A Word from our CCP Families

“When we moved, we never thought we’d find a preschool as special as the one our older child attended. What a wonderful surprise. We truly appreciate the tireless love, guidance and attention our daughter receives and we marvel at the staff’s consistency and humor. Add to this wonderful environment a genuine community of caring parents and teachers unified by a belief in quality childcare, and we can truthfully say that CCP rivals any other preschool that we have seen.” Angela T.

“Our older son had 3 wonderful years at CCP and he had a more enriched kindergarten experience thanks to all the skills he acquired at this preschool. He still talks about his teachers, how butterflies evolve, and circle time experiences though he graduated preschool 2 years ago. Now our younger son, who was adopted internationally, attends CCP and in less than half a year, he has exceeded our expectations in language acquisition and social skills. His teachers have been extremely attentive to his special needs and have created a safe and happyenvironment for him.” Christine C.

“The staff at Coastal Community Preschool has provided a tremendously supportive learning environment for my child, and they do it with insight, humor, and love. Our family could not be happier with our experience.” Diana A.