A play-based, nature-inspired environment building strong, confident, and happy children setting sail for a bright future.

Our Philosophy

At Coastal Community Preschool, we believe children learn best in a warm, welcoming, safe, and vibrant community where their ideas are respected, their motives trusted, and their needs are met to the fullest extent possible.  In addition to creating and maintaining this environment, we are committed to fostering a sense of community by facilitating shared experiences that engage intellect, emotion, and senses, encouraging children to reflect on these together. By focusing on the child as both an individual and vital community member, our goal is to help develop a sense of belonging and self-respect, as well as respect and compassion for others. We believe children have to develop socially in order to be prepared for school academically.

            We are committed to providing developmentally appropriate experiences for all students. To do this, we must consider each child’s developmental readiness and learning style. We also strive to create an excitement for learning by encouraging children to recognize and appreciate their own interests and talents.  To this end, Coastal Community teachers provide a large palette of rich and varied experiences, enabling children to explore many different avenues of creativity and learning.  Teachers offer positive guidance to help children navigate the many possibilities, and hone in on those that build their self-esteem, enhance problem-solving skills, and create an enthusiasm for further discovery.


Welcome to Coastal Community Preschool (CCP), an independent, private, incorporated, non-profit organization that serves preschool children from the age of 2 years 3 months until entry into kindergarten. The school is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of Coastal Community Preschool parents, members from the Santa Cruz community, and teachers at the School.

Location: 900 High St. | Santa Cruz, CA 95060

For more information and to schedule a tour please call;
Telephone: (831) 462-5437
School Hours: M-F: 7:30am – 6:00pm


As Co-Directors, we would like to welcome you to Coastal Community Preschool. Our family-centered, play-based program, guided by skilled teachers, creates an environment in which every child’s unique spirit is honored and loved. We are committed to providing the best possible early childhood education experience for our students and truly value our partnership with families.

Our play-based learning philosophy recognizes play, movement, project-based exploration, creative expression, and open-ended discovery as essential parts of the learning process. We integrate developmentally appropriate readiness skills to promote the growth of the whole-child, encourage social engagement and empathy building, and engage students in constructive, joyful inquiry.

We invite you to visit Coastal Community Preschool to experience what makes our community so special. Our mission is readily apparent in the warm and unmistakable connections between children and teachers, the happy sounds of children engaging with peers in the Big Yard or making new discoveries in the classrooms, the wonder of dramatic play that spontaneously erupts in block areas and sandboxes, and the winding down activity of teachers reading stories that inspire children’s imagination and interests. We look forward to sharing our school with you.

– Stephanie Simmons and Kimberlee Biagini

“I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lay undiscovered before me.” – Isaac Newton