When I first arrived here at CCP I was as a parent of a child (Chloe) in classroom 2. While getting involved with Family Day planning and being an active CCP board member, a job position came up and I had the good fortune to join the wonderful staff here at CCP.

I feel that being with children is a great joy and a great environment to work in. My background in employment is in management and administration. I have a bachelor degree in Social Science with a concentration in education, focusing in early education. I feel working here at CCP is a great fit for my professional life.

My daughter is now a fifth grader at Westlake Elementary. When I am not here at CCP I can be found helping out in her classroom and with various events going on over there and the many activities my daughter is involved with. In my spare time (ha ha, that’s funny) I like to run, bike ride, walk our sweet dog Finnigan and spend time at the beach with my husband Phil, Chloe and Finnigan. Sometimes I even get a chance to read a book.